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The Children's Day Camp Experts!


  Our Kids Day Camp has been operating for over 30 years!  For over 20 years, we have had the same operators/directors, Mike and Helen Hoffmann.  We are lucky enough to have everything we need on our property to run a day camp, so we don't have to travel off our property for any activities.  We always felt that a children's camp should be set in the outdoors and in a safe environment.  We don't have to share our facility with others because we ONLY run a day camp on our property, so our facilities are dedicated solely to our campers.  We only have staff and campers on our property.



  Our Kids Day Camp is the perfect setting for a children's camp. We are on 113 private acres. We have 2 nature trails, one is a 45 minute hike and the other is about 20 minutes.  We have a 1.5 acre lake, where we canoe.  We have 2 heated pools, many fields, pavilions and indoor space.  We have more than enough space for our campers to play and not be crowded onto 1 field.  We are always outdoors having a fun time, unless it is pouring rain!  Then we have rainy day activities.


  Our camp has 3 divisions. Tot Town, for 3 to 5 years old, Junior Camp, for 6 to 9 years old and Senior/Teen camp for 10 to 14 years old. Each division has a Director and the groups are further divided into age groups. Each division has their own line up and lunch area.



We have a different schedule everyday!  But we do have swimming everyday!  Our activities consists of kickball, soccer, basketball, wiffleball, volleyball, newcomb and any other sport we can fit in!  We have arts and crafts, canoeing, hiking, sand castle building contests, drama, singing and dancing.  We also have theme days and weeks, such as tye dye day, crazy hair day, pirate week, carnival day......to name a few!  There is always something going on at Our Kids!  We never have the same thing day after day.....that would be boring!